How Many Angels? A new scholarly article by Jon Guss

In my opinion, business history and pipe scholar Jon Guss has just completed one of the best-researched and insightfully drawn histories I’ve read among all pipe publications. He’s done this work with one of the most beloved and revered of the great British brands: Barling and Sons.

I’m privileged to speak to Jon frequently about his research as its going on. Whether he’s poring through archives in some distant library, reviewing trans-Atlantic passenger manifests, unearthing old correspondence or corporate notes, he works very hard to ensure that what he presents as fact is unimpeachable – or as close as he can come to that very high standard.

“How Many Angels? Another Look at the Barling Transition” reveals that there wasn’t just one transition at the esteemed Barling and Sons. There were two. By unraveling how the Barling business passed from the family to other hands, Jon is able to describe the consequences of the transitions in ownership and control.

He also gives us good reason to question some of the conventional wisdom and mythology floating around the Barling name.

It’s a great read, too. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

To get a copy of the article, click this link, and a download will come to you immediately. Or you can navigate to The Vintages Project Publications page and see what other treasures wait for you there.

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